Arizona Coyotes' 2022 NHL draft grades: What they are saying about team's 2022 draft picks (2023)

Early grades for the 2022 NHL Draft are in.

How do writers think the Arizona Coyotes did?

Check out their grades and reaction to the team's draft overall and to the team's three first-round picks (Logan Cooley, No. 3 overall, Conor Geekie, No. 11 overall, Maveric Lamoureax, No. 29 overall).

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Arizona Coyotes' overall NHL Draft grades

The Athletic: Coyotes receive an A-

Corey Pronman writes: "TheCoyotesgot the player with arguably the most upside in the draft in Logan Cooley. After that they went to work adding a lot of big guys who can play into their system. I can debate whether I’d have taken Maveric Lamoureux at 29 or Artem Duda at 36, but in the totality of the draft the talent they brought in was quite significant. This was an important week for the Coyotes rebuild. The work is not close to over yet — they still need a lot more talent — but I can see Cooley and Conor Geekie becoming important players for them long-term and at least one more regular coming from this class, if not more."

Yahoo Sports: Coyotes receive a B+

(Video) 2022 NHL Draft Grades Top 10 Picks

Ian Kennedy writes: "Choosing Logan Cooley over Wright at third overall was questionable, but the Coyotes restocked their prospect pool by volume alone. Moving up in the first round and then choosing Maveric Lamoureux, who would have been available later, was also a bit perplexing. With their other first-round pick the Coyotes made a safe choice by grabbing Conor Geekie at 11. In the second, Artyom Duda became the Coyotes' second blueliner, followed by Julian Lutz, who could turn into a late-blooming steal. If Geekie and Cooley turn out as planned, the Coyotes' draft could become an "A" but the players passed over with their third, 29th, and 36th picks could make a redraft down the road the reliving of a nightmare."

Bleacher Report: Coyotes earn a C-

Adam Herman writes: "In a vacuum, landing Logan Cooley at third overall is a major catch. He's a sure top-six NHL center and a first-liner or elite second-liner. But taking him over Shane Wright is beyond perplexing. Conor Geekie is a big center with really good hands. He'll be an NHLer and could reach first-line status with a lot of work, but for now, he fits the mold of a middle-six center. He was a slight reach at 11th overall and particularly so given that Arizona traded up to get him here. Almost the rest of the draft fits the theme of interesting prospects taken too early. Maveric Lamoureux has size and decent skating and hands to match, but he was more in the 37-45 range for me. Artem Duda was more of a mid-round prospect. Miko Matikka is 6'3" and has good hands. He could become a bottom-six winger and would have been a nice pick in Round 4. Langlois would have been a great late-round flier. The one omission is Julian Lutz. The German winger missed most of the season because of injury and played limited minutes in his 14 DEL games. He looked great at the U18, though. He's a plus skater, plays a physical game, works hard and has a fierce, if eccentric, shot. Lutz will be an NHLer and likely soon, and if Arizona can get the right skills coach to elevate the flashy parts of his game, he can be an impact player. Overall, the Coyotes got one great player, two good ones and a collection of depth prospects who will likely result in an NHLer or two. But even if you ignore the Cooley/Wright dilemma, they just threw away way too much value with most of their picks."

Flo Hockey: Coyotes get an A

Chris Peters writes: "The Coyotes had to take some swings in this draft and I think they’ve got their No. 1 center of the future in Cooley, with the bigger, stronger Geekie as a solid depth guy down the road. I thought the Lamoureux pick was a pretty significant reach, but you understand reaching for a player with his size and athleticism. The Day 2 picks were interesting, but I liked Duda and Lutz quite a bit this year and Matikka is a guy that I think has a real chance to be something if he improves his skating. I also had Jeremy Langlois ranked in my Top 100, which gives Arizona seven players from my list. While I didn’t list Morden, I think he’s got a lot of upside as a big defenseman just growing into his body. Still, this class is defined by the very top. Cooley was my No. 1 ranked player, they got him at third and I think he sets them up well in the long term."

Odds Checker: Coyotes land an A-

Matt MacKay writes: "Arizona had a slew of first-round draft picks and hit on all three. Logan Cooley and Conor Geekie will generate endless scoring possessions, especially Cooley, selected as the third overall pick, scored 27 goals and 48 assists for the US U-18 NTDP in 2022. Maveric Lamoureux is a towering 6-7, 200-pound defenseman, the Coyotes, secured with the 29th overall pick to shore up their presence in the defensive zone. Immediate impact players all around for Arizona heading into 2023."


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Logan Cooley NHL Draft grades (No. 3 overall)

Bleacher Report: Coyotes land a B-

Adam Herman writes: "If a crystal ball predicted 24 hours ago that the Coyotes would land Logan Cooley at third overall, that would have been tremendous news for Arizona. He will be a top-six center in the NHL and has the kind of individual skills that can draw fans to a team that wants to grow an audience. But passing on Shane Wright is nothing short of stunning here."

For the Win: Coyotes receive an A-

Mary Clarke writes: "The Coyotes went with Logan Cooley, who is quite the dynamic player. For a franchise like Arizona that needs some excitement on their roster, Cooley will provide that and then some for this team’s offense."

Sporting News: Coyotes earn a B+

Bryan Murphy writes: "The free fall for Shane Wright continues. The Coyotes elect to go with Logan Cooley, the top American prospect. He's a strong, two-way center of smaller size, but he has an extremely high hockey IQ. He's a strong pick and I would have given the Coyotes an A had Wright been selected before, but I'm not sure Cooley's a better pick, especially since the two play the same position."

(Video) Conor Geekie Discusses Being Drafted No. 11 Overall by the Arizona Coyotes in the 2022 NHL Draft

Arizona Coyotes' 2022 NHL draft grades: What they are saying about team's 2022 draft picks (2)

Conor Geekie NHL Draft grades (No. 11 overall)

Bleacher Report: Coyotes get a D+

Adam Herman writes: "The Coyotes came into the draft with seven picks in the first two rounds, and they used a few to move up to 11th overall. Conor Geekie's makeup is very uncommon, and if everything goes right, he could be a top-line center. More likely, he's a middle-six center. The Coyotes grabbed him too early—particularly given that they had to give up draft picks to make this happen."

For the Win: Coyotes earn a B-

Mary Clarke writes: "While Conor Geekie’s skating may not be up to par just yet, his hockey IQ makes him a great utility center with offensive upside. The Coyotes may not be anything to talk about right now, but in a few years from now players like Geekie and Cooley will make their marks on the league."

Sporting News: Coyotes receive a C-

Bryan Murphy writes: "The Sharks traded No. 11 to the Coyotes for No. 27, No. 34 and No. 45 in this year's draft. With the pick, the Coyotes take Conor Geekie. He's an imposing figure on offense and his size makes him tough to play against along the wall. While he's built like a power forward, his style more emulates a playmaker, as he's displayed a soft touch. The skating is a concern and he is on the slower side. While I like the player, I don't see him worthy of giving up the draft capital that the Coyotes did in order to take their second center of the draft."

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(Video) Jeremy Langlois Discusses Being Drafted 94th Overall by the Arizona Coyotes in the 2022 NHL Draft

Maveric Lamoureax NHL Draft grades (No. 29 overall)

Bleacher Report: Coyotes get a C-

Adam Herman writes: "Lamoureux is a big—and I'm talking almost 6'7"—shutdown defenseman with decent skating and passing ability. If he makes the NHL, I think he likely tops out as a third-pairing D-man. The Coyotes reached for Lamoureux, and he was not one of my top five available blue liners."

For the Win: Coyotes receive a C

Mary Clarke writes: "At six-foot-seven, Maveric Lamoureux is a hulk of a hockey player. While his offensive game isn’t that special, Lamoureux’s got great reach and defensive acumen while also bodying players around with his size."

Sporting News: Coyotes landa D+

Bryan Murphy writes: "The Coyotes take a defenseman with their third pick in the first round with the selection of Maveric Lamoureux. His size is the biggest draw, as he stands at 6-7. Despite his height, Lamoureux is actually a pretty good skater and handles the puck fairly well.This is certainly a pick that is going to be a work in progress, and while I think Lamoureux can be a fine defender, his size is the only thing that screams "first-round." Arizona certainly can afford to take a risk after having two other picks earlier in the night, but I don't like reaching for Lamoureux here."

Reach Jeremy Cluffat him on Twitter @Jeremy_Cluff.

(Video) GM Bill Armstrong Discusses the First Round of the 2022 NHL Draft

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What was the Arizona Coyotes draft rating? ›

Arizona Coyotes: B+

With their other first-round pick the Coyotes made a safe choice by grabbing Conor Geekie at 11. In the second, Artyom Duda became the Coyotes' second blueliner, followed by Julian Lutz, who could turn into a late-blooming steal.

Why did Arizona lose draft picks? ›

The National Hockey League has sanctioned the Arizona Coyotes for violating the NHL's Combine Testing Policy during the 2019-20 season, directing the forfeiture of the Club's 2nd-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and 1st-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

How many picks do the Arizona Coyotes have in the 2022 NHL draft? ›

The 10 total selections in the 2022 NHL Draft are the most the Coyotes have selected in a Draft since it was reduced to seven rounds in 2005.

How many draft picks do the Coyotes have in 2023? ›

The Coyotes have nine picks in the 2023 NHL Draft.

Who is the Arizona Coyotes best player? ›

Shane Doan

Is the 2022 NHL Draft class strong? ›

The 2022 draft class appears to be a strong one. Certainly, it's miles better than the 2021 group. At the top of the list is a bonafide franchise-changing prospect. Following him is a group of eight all with a legitimate claim to second overall.

What team is most likely to win the Stanley Cup 2022? ›

The Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season, according to staff writers and editors.

Who is the best rookie in the NHL 2022? ›

Calder Trophy Tracker: Beniers and Thompson Lead the Top 10 NHL Rookies
  1. Matty Beniers, C, Seattle Kraken. ...
  2. 2. Logan Thompson, G, Vegas Golden Knights. ...
  3. Jake Sanderson, D, Ottawa Senators. ...
  4. Cole Perfetti, RW, Winnipeg Jets. ...
  5. Matias Maccelli, RW, Arizona Coyotes. ...
  6. Owen Power, D, Buffalo Sabres.
Dec 1, 2022

What was the weakest NBA draft? ›

The 2000 draft class is considered one of the worst in NBA history. Few of its draftees would enjoy extended careers in the league. Just three of them -- top pick Kenyon Martin, first-round selection Jamaal Magloire (19th overall) and second-round pick Michael Redd (43rd overall) -- ever played in an NBA All-Star Game.

What NFL team had the best draft grade of 2022? ›

1. New York Jets. With a handful of nice draft hauls to choose from, the Jets stand alone at the top. They might have the Defensive Rookie of the Year in Sauce Gardner and the Offensive Rookie of the Year in Garrett Wilson.

Is the 2022 NHL draft strong? ›

The 2022 draft class appears to be a strong one. Certainly, it's miles better than the 2021 group. At the top of the list is a bonafide franchise-changing prospect. Following him is a group of eight all with a legitimate claim to second overall.

Is the 2023 NHL Draft strong? ›

Today I release my first in-season ranking of the 2023 NHL Draft. While it's still very early on in the draft process, 2023 looks like an above-average draft class. This is primarily due to the four horses at the top of the class. My top four ranked prospects, for example, would have likely been my No.


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