How to address royalty and officials | Victorian Government (2023)

Archbishop (Church of England) The Most Reverend the Archbishop of Melbourne Dear Archbishop Your GraceArchbishop (Roman Catholic) The Most Reverend the Archbishop of Melbourne My Lord Archbishop Your GraceBishop (Church of England) The Right Reverend the Bishop of… Dear Bishop Bishop or Bishop [first name]Bishop (Roman Catholic) The Most Reverend… My Lord My LordDean (Church of England) The Very Reverend the Dean of [name of church] Dear Dean Dean [first name] or DeanBishop (Lutheran) Bishop of [name of church] Dear Bishop [first name last name] Bishop or Bishop [first name]Pastor (Lutheran) Pastor of [name of church] Pastor [first name last name] Pastor or Pastor [first name]Grand Mufti of Australia (Islam) Grand Mufti Dear Grand Mufti [first name] Grand Mufti or Grand Mufti [first name]Imam (Islam) Imam Dear Imam [first name] Imam or Imam [first name]Sheikh (Islam) Sheikh Dear Sheikh [first name] Sheikh [first name]Dean (Russian Orthodox) Very Reverend Father Dear Dean Father or Father [first name]Rabbi (Judaism) Rabbi [first name last name] Dear Rabbi [last name] RabbiChief Rabbi of the Commonwealth (Judaism) Chief Rabbi [first name last name] Dear Chief Rabbi [last name] RabbiSenior Rabbi (Judaism) Senior Rabbi [first name last name] Dear Rabbi [last name] RabbiSenior Monk or Nun (Buddhist) Most Venerable [first name last name] Dear Most Venerable [first name last name] Most Venerable or Most Venerable [first name last name]Monk or Nun (Buddhist) Venerable [first name last name] Dear Venerable [first name last name] Venerable [first name last name]Dalai Lama (Tibetan) His Holiness His Holiness Your HolinessPatriach (Orthodox) His Holiness or His Holiness Patriarch Dear Patriarch or His Holiness Your HolinessArchbishop (Orthodox) His Beatitude or His Eminence Archbishop Dear Archbishop Your Beautitude or Your EminenceBishop (Orthodox) His Grace Bishop Dear the Right Reverend or Bishop Your GraceMetropolitan (Orthodox) His Eminence Metropolitan Dear the Most Blessed Your EminenceArchimandrite (Orthodox) The Very Reverend Father Dear Very Reverend/Father FatherSenior Priest (Orthodox) The Very Reverend Dear Reverend/Father FatherPriest (Orthodox) The Reverend Father Dear Father FatherDeacon (Orthodox) The Reverend Father Dear Father FatherChaplin (Hindu) Hindu Saiva Chaplin Dear Hindu Saiva Chaplin [last name] Reverend Hindu Saiva Chaplin


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