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NJ School Performance Report

The School Performance Reports reflect the New Jersey Department of Education's commitment to providing parents, students and school communities with a large variety of information about each school and district. These reports can be used as a tool to help evaluate whether all students have equitable access to high quality education. We encourage you to use these reports to learn more, start conversations, and engage.

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Performance Report Narrative for MTHS

Mission, Vision, Theme:

Our mission is to forge a strong partnership between the school and community and provide high-quality, student-centered education that addresses the needs of the whole person within a healthy, democratic environment. A vital part of the program is the incorporation of the expectation that all students achieve the NJ Learning Standards. Manchester Township's graduates will have high expectations for themselves and will become responsible citizens prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Awards, Recognition, Accomplishments:

Over 250 awards & scholarships presented to Seniors of 2020, Underclass Awards presented to underclassmen, Student of the Month, Hawk of the Month, Pride Program, the following are on staff: Google certified trainer. author of Take Charge of Your Teaching Evaluation, Rutgers University Presidential Fellowship, Elected Board Member of Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE, Elected Co-VP of NJ Council of English, Golden Quill Award from the Garden State Scholastic Press Association on staff, two staff members with certification for the Structured Learning Environment, two County Teachers of the Year on staff, Teacher of the year and ESP of the Year, our Esports team participated in the state-wide tournament.

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Courses, Curriculum, Instruction:

In addition to our diverse course offereings, we added more classes to meet the interests and needs of our students. This year we instituted a Business and a Music Academy, we added honors level courses in music and French, we offered advance course in animation and gaming, and implemented a remediation summer program for incoming freshman called AIM.

Sports and Athletics:

Sports Offered: Baseball (Boys), Basketball (Boys & Girls), Bowling (Boys & Girls), Cheerleading (Girls), Cross Country (Boys & Girls), Field Hockey (Girls), Football (Boys), Golf (Boys & Girls), Gymnastics (Girls), Ice Hockey (Boys), Lacrosse (Girls), Soccer (Boys & Girls), Softball (Girls), Swimming (Boys & Girls), Tennis (Boys & Girls), Track and Field - Spring (Boys & Girls), Track and Field - Winter (Boys & Girls), Volleyball (Boys & Girls), Wrestling (Coed)

The athletic opportunities at Manchester are varied. Boys have 14 and girls 13 programs exclusive to their gender with girls also being allowed to wrestle and play golf. In addition, we offer cheerleading, marching band, a drama club and winter guard. Each require the same level of time, as our NJSIAA recognized athletic programs and attract dedicated participants throughout their active seasons. The fall season favors female participation as the offerings are 6, while the boys have 3. Winter favors boys 6-4 as spring favors boys 5-3. Total participation through the year has consistently favored boys in most years. Practice facilities & uniform replacement are scheduled with equal access to all teams within each season/cycle. Though the NJSIAA permits student-athletes to participate in 2 non-strenuous athletics and activities during the same season, the large majority of students are generally restricted by time and schedules to participate in one activity.

Clubs and Activities:

Clubs offered: Drama, Art, History, Bible, Multi-Cultural, World Language, Newspaper, Science, Yearbook, Robotics, ESports, Key Club, Mindfulness Club Habitat for Humanity, Interact, Hawks Have Heart, Heroes and Cool Kids, Co-curricular activities include band, ROTC drill team, NHS, Show Choir, SGA, Video 21 - Arts Programs and Competitions: Marching band does competitions each season, Winter guard competes in MAIN Competitive circuit, Jazz Band competes in Jackson Liberty Jazz Festival, Southern Regional Jazz Festival, All Shore Jazz Festival. Volunteer Opportunities include Habitat for Humanity, Rotary Club, Interact, NHS, Key Club, Hawks Have Heart, Heroes and Cool Kids

Before and After School Programs:

Peer Tutoring Program run through National Honor Society available to Grades 9-12, Title III ESL tutoring by World Language Department available to Grades 9-12

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Staff and Professional Learning:

Teachers and administrators participated in a variety of professional learning activities throughout the year. In addition to mandated training, teachers participated in PLC teams and targeted professional development department and faculty meetings. Teachers and administrators attended both in-district and off-site trainings; which were turnkeyed to other members of the department. A selection of both teachers and administrators participated in local EdCamps, book studies, and CoffeeEdu events to continue their professional growth. Within the building, a full-day in-service in the fall was focused on SEL. Teachers worked collaboratively to deep dive into SEL and its application in the classroom. In the winter, SEL was further explored in a half-day in-service. Unitas training on human trafficking was presented. New Teachers are supported with PD mentoring, a building orientation and ongoing meetings with the SCiP. The Tech Team ran a series of voluntary workshops.

Postsecondary Information:

85% of MTHS students apply or are accepted to college. Support programs for students applying for college: Financial Aid Night with presentation by HESSA, OCC FAFSA OPEN workshops, Support programs for students taking college entrance exams: SAT school day testing, Fee waivers for qualifying students, Princeton Review class held at MTHS, Counselor assistance and suggestion websites such as Khan Academy/Naviance Test Prep, after graduation students go to direct employment, military or college, students apply and are accepted to over 60 different colleges and universities. Students taking AP tests had the potential to earn college credit. Through a partnership with OCC, students also earn college credit.

Student Supports and Services:

Peer Tutoring Program run through National Honor Society available to Grades 9-12, Student extra help on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursday available through faculty, Title III ESL tutoring by World Language Department available to Grades 9-12, SOAR is an alternate education program for struggling students, AIM is a remedial summer program for incoming freshmen. Through a partnership with the Manchester Township Police Department, the #NotEvenOnce opioid program was infused in health classes. Student w/Disabilities services include counseling, speech/language, OT/PT, RISE transition program, special transportation if needed, Speakers and Assemblies for students and staff set up by Student Assistance Counselor, Student Assistance Counselor on staff, SAC created and shared mental health website for students, Field trips, Genders and Sexualities Alliance, Intervention and Referral Services Committee, APEX-online learning system, home instruction.

Student Health and Wellness:

Physical Education and Physical Education electives which include Weight Training, Adaptive PE, Yoga, Cardio Dance, Project Adventure, PT program 1 day a week through ROTC, breakfast is offered through Pomptonian, Not Even Once program given in Senior Health classes through Manchester Police Department, heroin awareness assembly to all grades, DART coalition presentation about vaping, Challenge Day, Mindfulness Club, Respect Week

Parent and Community Involvement:

Parent Groups: PTA, PAC, Booster Club-Parent Portal available through school website - Partnership community programs: MTEF, Municipal Alliance, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, Lowes, Manchester PD, Activities open to parent involvement: Veterans Day celebration, Helping Hands for Hunger, Kevin's Kids, ROTC Annual Inspection, Martin Luther King celebration, School musical, Challenge Day, Graduation, BASF Collaboration, Music Performances at senior villages, Marching Band Performances, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross Blood Drive, Homecoming Football game, Hawk Classic Wrestling Tournament, Scholarship Committee. Visual Arts Night, Music concerts, Financial Aid Night, 9th Grade Orientation & Elective Fair., Building Tours, Back to School Night

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Climate Surveys:

Is a Climate Survey Used: Yes; Who is surveyed: Teachers.


High school is an air-conditioned building which was built in 1976 with an addition built in 2005. It offers a two-story library, science labs, computer lab, two art rooms, a gymnasium and auxiliary gymnasium, auditorium with lighting, sound system and stage. There is an outdoor memorial garden which is maintained by students and custodial staff. Most areas are available for use outside organizations and community.

School Safety:

A School Resource Officer and two security guards, both retired officers, are in the building. Permission only building access via door lock system, front door monitor, inside and outside cameras, camera monitors in Administrative and security offices, protective ballistic film on select doors and windows and ALICE.

Technology and STEM:

Manchester Township High School is equipped with over 1300 Chromebooks for use in classrooms. Technology courses include Intro to Engineering, Elements of Design, Computer Aided Design, Architectural Design, STEM, Advanced Engineering, Intro to Graphic Design, Computer Animation, Games and Apps, Advanced Games and Apps: Design and Architecture, Computer Animation 2, Intro to Multimedia. Intro to Journalism, Advanced Journalism and Career Journalism also use specialized computer technology.

Learning During COVID-19:

Due to Covid-19, our schools changed from in-person to full remote learning from March 16 - June 22. Teachers used Google Classroom to stay connected with students. They also provided recorded lessons with screencastify. Students with technology needs were able to borrow Chromebooks. A monitoring system was implemented to improve communication between teachers and guidance to support students in this time. Guidance provided a presentation for students and families. Grading was adjusted for quarter 4 and final exams were eliminated for the second semester. Students were provided an individual graduation that was part of our virtual graduation. Community member supported seniors with lawn signs and adopt a senior.

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